To-do Lists

Ojelola Ojelabi
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Do you like to-do lists or are they distracting?


Kazimieras Melaika
I often set up my to-do lists in the evening each day or before a new week starts. I don't always have time to complete all the tasks in a day but at least I do the most important/emergency ones and then move on to others. So... I'd say they help me a lot. I just know what to do and if it's time-specific - I know when to do it. And I never forget them too. Btw everyone, we’re launching in late May. Check out our upcoming PH page: Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed health tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
As I make my to-do lists in a task management tool (I prefer Infolio), that contains categories by default. I find it convenient because it's structured.
Luka Vasic
I like them. I use todoist to write down tasks that come up in my mind during the day so I don't forget them. Also, set timers to remind me of tasks. Besides this, I write some tasks on sticky notes and I am trying to commit to tracking tasks in notion.
Paul VanZandt
I like to-do lists because they help cut down my time in between tasks. This is where most of my time is lost and a to-do list helps keep me focused on what's coming next.
Lauren Funaro
Need to-do lists to function. Also there's nothing quite as satisfying as crossing something OFF the to do list. Right now I'm leaning heavily on asana for project management so I'm able to add tasks to projects and line up due dates. It's working nicely for me so far!
Jay Dee
Yes because they make getting things done a lot easier. I've done some basic research (due diligence) on this before and approximately 80% of people maintain and follow some kind of to-do lists for their business or brand. In fact, I believe in them so much that one of the main features of my SaaS (a web app called GrindZero) is called BulletTasks, which essentially assigns a list of daily easy-to-follow micro-tasks that grow one's social presence on 15+ social platforms. Doing them regularly vastly increases the chances of being found and followed. Hope it helps.
Dylan Merideth
Love them, helps keep a focus on the day. Allows for an opportunity to prioritize, there is immense power in this step!
Rich Watson
I use notion to keep track of my lists but mainly use Discord's built in "pinned message" feature to stay current with them.
Pritam Kumar
I always create a to-do list for everything. I use todoist so that i always align with the task that I have. It helps to plan my day accordingly and give me a picture of how my day is going to look like. But it can also change according to the needs and priority. (let say an urgent meeting comes up which was not planned etc).
Adriel Cruz
Yes, I often layout my tasks before every start of a new week. But sometimes I still re-arrange it if there's some urgent/priority tasks.
Peter agar
Of course, I love them. In fact, I need them.
Qudsia Ali
I like using to-do lists. They help keep projects organized, which is a good thing. You do not necessarily need to add everything to your to-do list but rather focus on the most critical tasks you need to accomplish.
It depends on the task that I'm trying to accomplish. If it is creative then a to-do list is not helpful. Although taking notes/sketching is helpful. For multiple tasks that are process-oriented, a to-do list is very handy.
To-dos are good - keeps you on track
For me, To-Do lists are very Important. We all tend to forget something to do from time to time. That is why I created a SaaS To-Do list that I can cross-reference to all of my other SaaS productivity apps.
Philipp Stelzel
I love them and I am also using a Notion Task Management Dashboard that provides me with the tasks for the day. The problem is that too many tasks can make you feel overwhelmed, therefore it is really important for me to prioritize (with some kind of Eisenhower System) and delete tasks that don't provide real value for my work.
Cherie Yang
Love them and need them.
Sanja Mitar
Couldn't live without them
Justine Hanna
I like crossing things off a To Do list, but sometimes I write a list and then stare at it in despair 🤷‍♀️