To discuss about an idea of on demand freelance platform

Arshad Kazmi
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Hi PH, I have been recently thinking about an idea, to create a on demand freelance platform. This will be similar to Uber, we open the app and request a ride when we actually need it and driver gets connected. In the same way this platform can be used to get instant help from freelancer. There will be no bidding on tasks or selection of freelancer. It will be based on first come first serve basis. For example. If anyone needs a help from a NodeJs developer, they will come to the platform, select the tech stack they need help with and the platform will send the request to all the online freelancers who have the selected tech stack in their skills (in this case it will be NodeJs) and which ever freelancer selects the request first will get connected with the user and then they will be connected on the chatting platform where they can discuss further. So this will solve waiting problems like we have in other freelance sites, if someone needs help with some small work which needs to be completed same day, people will be able to do that on this platform. I did some research and didn't find any such platform. Any feedbacks on this? I would love to hear some feedback on this idea.
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