Tips on managing Product at early stage startups- HIT ME!

Ido Lavi
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Hey PH, I recently sold my startup where I was CEO and joined a new company as VP Product. As my previous company was 8 people strong, Product Management was split between myself and the CTO, but did not run in a methodical process. Today, I'm looking to implement a methodology-based product management system. What are your top tips for great product management at early stage startups (aside from the obvious "talk to your users" ones). Thanks!


Kiran Kanakadandi (
I'd like to see this conversation going (and hear views from others), so here goes my view: if the company has a VP Product, you might want the full works of product management. Process, tools, team (and even titles!). As for the process, assuming it is all software, the recipe typically is: - build a backlog of features; when you "talk to your users", start adding your responses (not user views) into the backlog - sort backlog by RoI: cost vs value; ideally, a low-cost v1 exists for every feature and so spec every feature to ship increments based on feedback-based iteration; if you've not considered no-code, consider; pure RoI gold to ship feeatures (and discard if needed) - plan and execute (spec, design, dev, uat, enablement/outreach) each sprint's payload - do "backlog grooming" periodically, based on priorities This is intentionally generic and I'd love to see others fill in more -- may be the nature of product (SaaS, mobile app, APIs, etc.) and team size can help them. Good luck!