Tips on Building Community?

Manisha Joshi
2 replies
I know there's a dedicated checklist, but we've been trying a lot of things and none of them seems to yield any results. We interact with our users, use our socials, give genuine feedbacks and more. I'm new to this, so it would be helpful if you guys can give some ideas as to how to go about it.


Mohsen Kamrani
IMO, keep doing what you're doing plus new platform you haven't tried before. Patience and flexibility are more important IMO than looking for a single solution that magically drags thousands of users towards your solution. Also, if you haven't tried already you might wanna give the upcoming products on product hunt a go Also, I'm gonna start reporting our progress with different marketing approach on our blog, you might wanna track our progress there.
Rosie Sherry
Yes, keep going and keep being intentional about how you can help your people. I think it's also generally a good idea to focus on value — how can you bring real value to your people? What do they want? What would make their day? Community takes time, as frustrating as it is.