Time spent to learn new skills & things

Stephanie Leue
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How much time do you devote each day to learning new things? (including reading articles and books, watching videos and listening to podcasts with focus and no distraction)


It's variable. If I found a good tutorial that I can't by pass, I can spend the day learning it !
Keren Brickman
@jacquelinclem Totally agree! Sometimes I can't do more than 5 minutes and other times I get super invested and deep dive for a few hours. I try not to force it if my brain won't engage for long periods of time though, usually it means I need to find a new way to teach myself.
@keren_brickman I understand the feeling Keren ! What is the last thing you learned ? :)
Keren Brickman
@jacquelinclem Figma! I'm trying to deep dive into all of the features there, it's been really fun :) What are you currently learning?
@keren_brickman would be funny if I say "Figma" too ? I'm doing a switch between Sketch and Figma right now. 😊
Stephanie Leue
@keren_brickman @jacquelinclem May I ask if you have a specific task or if you just randomly try to understand the tools?
Andrew Chau
As I am struggling with procrastination, I tend to force myself to read for 2 hours a day (It's been working well, maybe I just picked the right books to read)
Stephanie Leue
@andrew_chau1 2 hours? Thats amazing. This means you invest up to 720 hours in developing our skills. I am jealous!
Anil Meena
usually, it varies on the topic!! but if its interesting i end up spending hours on all type of content (articles, videos, podcast) Nowadays I am spending hours n hours on Bubble to build no-code apps... trying to build all sorts of existing apps replica to learn it quicker
Stephanie Leue
@anil_meena21 Learning by doing is indeed the best approach to retrieve knowledge, I think. What are you trying to build bubble actually?
Valeria Migova
I cannot say that I learn something new every day. But when this happens, I spend about 30-60 minutes, after which I take a break and then I can return to studying again.
Андрей Олейник
As for me, it is hard to concentrate on something for a long time. I`m trying to change this but there are so many distractions around me...
Stephanie Leue
@balrog_the_great I can relate to this. I can imagine this is quite stressful for you. I discovered bullet journaling to solve this challenge for me. I spend no more than 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening to think about what I achieved and what I want to do next. This is a really great tool for me.
Hamed Baatour
Honestly, one of the hardest questions to answer is about time management... Taking action by doing things that you already know and thus getting results or learning new things with the potential long-term rewards (unsure). Usually, the quality of learning resources usually dictates how much people spend time on learning. a well-made and valuable 2 hours video will feel like 2 minutes. however, a formal class in a university feels like hell. Curiosity is the only way to learn new things deeply yet it requires an open schedule without any restrictions or limits (this is why formal education fails spectacularly) yet an open schedule will prevent you from making progress in other areas of life. 🤔 maybe scheduling an open week dedicated to learning might solve the issue altogether. curious to hear your thoughts...though
Stephanie Leue
@hamedbaatour Thank you for sharing your thoughts on self-directed learning and your insights! It took some time for learning to become a part of my daily routine for me. I came to the conclusion that defining my ultimate goal was the first step. The answer to this question is: what do you want? My goal is to train my brain permanently to increase the chance that I will not become forgetful in old age. This is way more motivating for me than purely learning something. The second thing is that I know exactly what I want to accomplish. This gives me a clearer picture of what I need to learn to meet my goals, and how I should organize my studies accordingly. By combining the two, learning has become a daily habit for me. In addition, I am not putting any pressure on myself. It makes no difference how long or how little I learned. If I keep this habit up, eventually my brain will get used to it and learning will become a regular part of my life (like with sports or eating healthy) What do you think?