Thinking about writing in public about starting a company, raising $3.1 million, and why it failed.

Will Goto
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I’ve been wanting to write about the entire experience for a while now. Perhaps doing it in public will keep me accountable. Would anyone be interested? Here's a Google Doc link outlining some of the topics:


Vio Vanica
Co-founder at
cool, interested!
Raphael Schaad
@Cron, Swiss Designer & MIT Engineer
@wrgoto Is it about Rize? 😔
Will Goto
Cofounder & CEO of Rize
Surender Singh
Yes please! We are currently in early stage. This will help.
Ezzat Suhaime
Drawing until I drop (with Spade)
Would love to read. I've never thought about public books!
Building Fun Tools with Code and NoCode
Looks good Will! The topic list looks interesting but I’m most interested in why it failed, tracing the cracks that developed at each stage would be extremely helpful.