Things to keep in mind while doing online marketing?

Anil Meena
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Hi PH fam, I don't have bg in marketing so starting fresh here. Starting with a digital marketing campaign for; around community & cohort building platform. Any tips or suggestions to follow. Like videos ads vs image ads, etc Platform: Linkedin Google ads Facebook


Andrii Kpyto
Hi Anil! I will give advice in simple words so that it does not seem that "marketing gurus will tell you right now" Before jumping into examples, think about who your product is for? Who is your target audience? This is not just a line in Pencil's description "We all loved (some of us at least!) Going to school or college 'cz we got to meet and hang out with friends!" By focusing your efforts on finding people who like to "hang out with friends" from an online marketing perspective, you are scattering your efforts. Don't start with marketing; begin by understanding who you will be communicating with on the platforms you mention. What are people looking for on them? How can your product benefit them? How to tell about it? And when you answer these questions, first of all for yourself, you will understand what to do next in detail. Because "creatives for the sake of creatives" you can find without a PH
Sarah Jordi
Hmm, just to specify: You're looking for image and text inspiration that you could use for ads on these platforms?
Anil Meena
@sarahxjo for inspiration I browse through lots of ads, the material available on marketing domain, pinterest, dribbble etc..... Not sure if i understood the question correctly..
Nim Ron
A very important point in my opinion is making as many versions of your ad and personalizing, as much as possible, the version that is shown to each user (based on where the user is from, what they do, what their interests are, etc.) - personal reachouts are key
Anil Meena
@nimrodron Thanks ... good point... infact while designing those ads I also was struggling with what content to put for which audience ... end up making 7 different video but now to think about it those 7 video can be tweeked into many more as per the customer persona... 👍
Vera Mirzoyan
I always highlight the importance of SEO. You cannot always invest in paid ads, but if you invest enough in the right SEO strategy, you will win in the long-term competition.
Anil Meena
@vera_mirzoyan Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have material in place to read more about SEO strategy; any sort of go to mantra. Google searches are filled with similar paraphrased material. Would be a great help if you could recommend something.
Vera Mirzoyan
@anil_meena21 You are right. The market is really exhausted with information and it is hard to find a good quality content. So, I recommend to provide valuable pieces of information that will help the searchers and be great solution for their pain points. Search engines emphasize the experience of the users.
Anabel Arto
In internet marketing, "watching" is very important. You need to subscribe to all the famous marketing specialists. Read social networks of digital companies. Paper books go out of date quickly, so stay tuned for updates online. For example company Mabbly often publishes in his social networks a lot of cases, ratings and useful information. Wish you good luck. You have a very interesting task ahead!
Mahak from Outgrow
I think one should start digital marketing by first finding for whom you are doing your campaign(target audience), what they want and convey them like a human being, not just to sell but let your content feel by each and every user, make it such that user can relate with it and will read more about your campaign/product. You have to convey them by making them a soft target. These days personalization is considered a soft attack.
Lisa Murphy
I read your post, a few days ago I was also searching about pinterest photos, so I talk to you later.