The SEO trends you need to be aware of in 2022

Jaume Ros
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The world of SEO is always changing. There's always new Google updates and new ranking factors that are being released. One of these is the passage ranking update. It allows a specific section or "passage" of your content to rank directly in google (if relevant). I talk about this and a lot more in my latest video:
Would love to know your thoughts, and if you're planning your SEO takeover this year! Let's get it!!


rodowisk rodowisk
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Iván Fanego
Won't (probably) Passage Ranking Update hurt the traffic sent by Google? I mean, it looks pretty similar to the questions answered by a snippet (but now, applied to long form content as well, not to "tom holland height" kind of search haha)
James Salli
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Mary J Everett
Great video Ros! Thanks! With my client I always starts with a simple definition before start to develop SEO strategy - why do you need SEO services? In bookmarks I have a great article, here you are -
Lisa Murphy
Great information, but I just want the generation of moz seo. But your post has helped me a lot, thanks for sharing.
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Demian Dex
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Abel C. Cavell
Awesome insights, Jaume! I have shared an interesting piece about the local SEO trends to watch out for here: Share your thoughts once you read through.
Katelin Lewis
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