The hardest thing to achieve high-performance & wellbeing hand in hand.

Marcos Spontón
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Based on your experience as creators, what is the most difficult thing to overachieve goals without burning out?


Pablo Fatas
The most important part of being high performing is knowing when you don’t have to be high performance. Burn out is real and everyone is capable of running into it (even you). Everyone has different methods that work for them but the key thing to remember is that it is better to be at 90% for a month than 100% for 2 weeks and 50% for the next 2. Its the thought I use to know when to be kind to myself and take care of my health 😊
Marcos Spontón
@pablo_fatas How do you know when it's time to go for the extra mile?
Pablo Fatas
@marcos_sponton Would love to tell you I have the answers. The balance between being self critical and self loving is very fine and one i struggle with all the time. I can give you the insight I’ve gathered over the years struggling with this. The best thing I can think of is listening to the people who know you and care about you. The people who truly care about you will always be there to tell you whether you can do more or whether you should slow down and take a break. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by supportive people who push me in my goals.
Mars Negrette
Boundaries (both, with yourself and your teammates) and discipline to do the things outside work that sets yourself for success at work.
Carlos Sponton
I find dificult schedule time for energy recovery activities (and stick to that rest commitment)