The art of saying no.

Mayank Gupta
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Can you relate to a point in your life when saying "No" changed the path you are on right now? If yes, then do share. It was during the previous year, I landed a job before graduation and started as an intern. The company was good, but then covid hit. I was liking the work but soon it became a nightmare. I had to work 12-14 hours daily for them as an intern, the workload was so much that I couldn't sleep. I was thinking of that the whole day, except when I was sleeping (5 hours only) cause I just didn't want to lose that job amidst covid. Then I started full-time there, was still working for the same amount of time and still getting the stipend for an intern. Things were worse than you can imagine. The head of that company told me that he would soon discuss the salary with me and like this 3 - 4 months passed and I still got no reply from him. He understood my situation and misused it! I was stuck and didn't know what to do. He told me to stick by and work, cause had a lot pending. Some days after this, I faced him and told him that I'm going to resign. He told me that the current situation of jobs is not good and I should stay as he will be increasing my pay soon. I said "No!" that day I stood up for myself and 8 months to that incident I am working at another company, loving the team, the product, and the environment. Feels like this is a cause I am working for, I am enjoying the work. So share any story you have, that brought a huge change in your life.
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