Text2db.com (need feedback)

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Hi, I'm the creator of https://text2db.com/ , I have build this tiny tool to quickly create database script with foreign key relationships, which is very useful for new learners / developers. You can convert text to script and then paste that script in your development environment, I have personally tested it and its faster than creating database by writing script or using Interface. This website is still in progress, and uses simple theme, for now only MYSQL,PostgresSQL and MSSQL databases are supported. Please spend some time to review my project. Feel free to ask any question/give opinions here. Thanks for reading this @nicnocquee Really sorry that you faced this issue, since its still in development phase, there was a bug, please try it now.


Nico Prananta
I tried clicking the convert after pasting the sample, nothing happened.
Rajiv Verma
At first looks, looks pretty interesting, tbh (y)