Test Automation Challenges

Janke van der Vyver
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We at NIMBAL have built a tool that makes test automation easy. One of our key goals is to help enterprises, big or small with successful test automation on web or mobile application and have a product that actually matters. What issues are you facing with automation testing? / What is stopping you from adopting test automation? We are open to comments and feedback, if there are additional option than to the ones below or if you'd like to elaborate on any of the points, lets discuss in the comment section 😊
Expensive / Low testing budget
Too tedious - takes too long to write and integrate
Framework issues
Scripted (uncompiled) tests don't scale (Not scalable)
Management has low visibility
Unsatisfactory attempts at automation
All of the above


Founder @ Microvist
It depends on what automated testing we're talking about. Unit tests are usually a breeze to write, run and stick in an automated pipeline. Integration tests such as API endpoint tests are also usually as simple as unit tests if not a little slower (I use postman/newman for these). Its end to end tests such as selenium tests where they are slow, bit cumbersome to write (unlike unit tests they are less focussed) and flakey at times for me. That's the reason I lean on these the least. However they do provide a good overall smoke test so automating these do give value despite the effort needed to get them up and running.
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@tobiasgray Thanks for that. It matches our experience, which is why we focused on pre-scripting the common tasks for re-use (Gherkin + JAVA). Fortunately our library is huge now, so the end to end test scripts don't require much extension. What scripting language do you use for end to end testing? We find JAVA scales better than JS or Java Script.
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@jankevdvyver I use NodeJS for the main reason that it's the same language as the rest of my stack(s). Makes context switching a little easier and it's the language I'm most familiar with. I have used Java and Python in the past and found them (functionality wise) to all be pretty similar when it comes to selenium and gherkin libraries. My main skillset is not in testing so a more experienced tester will likely have other views on that 😅
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I really think that this is worth it! I mean, those automation tools seem to be a little bit scary, because we always try to do things on our own, but it's not supposed to be like that! Look, everything around us is evolving! If we will continue to ignore this fact, we will never grow. Such task automation tools, like the one from https://www.qacoverage.com/test case management software from example, are only beneficial. Do you know how the calculator works? Sure, you can do everything that a calculator can do, but he will do it with more precision and faster, way faster. So, the same principle applies here as well!