Tell me one strong reason why we should check your product!

Siddhesh Lokare
6 replies
Every day is a new chance to give an elevator pitch to a new face. So, why not try here? Throw one reason why your product is efficient and why all of us should give it a look!


Nathan Challen
We all have an inbuilt 'killer app' for superhuman productivity. It’s called the ‘flow-state’.
Siddhesh Lokare
@emotf Okay I like the superhuman reference :D Glad you are maintaining the thrill of the value propositions. Subscribed!
Julia Doronina
We have unique patented technology, our product LeaksID enriches docs with anti-leak marks and can determine who leaked the documents even if that person made a photo of the document or screenshot. Find us in Upcoming! I will appreciate your support!
Siddhesh Lokare
@julia_demyanchuk That is such a niche problem. I am sure this can be helpful for SaaS startups. Already subscribed!
Ty Holland
Here we go.. Anime Fantasy League is a game that combines strategy and your love for anime. You'll assemble a team of your favorite manga and/or anime heroes, and then pit them against your friends' teams in epic weekly battles.