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Jaskiran Kaur
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How recent technologies or hacks or tools have changed your daily lives?


My time management was poor and then TMetric came along. Thanks to this app I can track my time, always know the monthly balance of hours I have to work as well as productivity peaks so that it's easy for me now to plan and optimize my workload. And, by the way, the best hack is to eat the frog for breakfast :) It's a time management technique meaning you have to deal with the tasks you feel negative about in the morning. This allows me to have the hardest part behind me and to enjoy the rest of the day.
Jaskiran Kaur
@soylakate I have heard about Tmetrics and will definitely try it and thanks for awesome trick. I generally do the tasks I feel difficult either after my easier tasks are completed or in the middle of the day or in weekends, so that I can research about it freely.
Recently i have learned about digital marketing and it really helped me a lot!
Jaskiran Kaur
@runia_tanbin_sondhi That' awesome Runia. From where you are learning it?
A tool to 10X your productivity? Akiflow 2.0 All the Notion, ToDoist, Gmail, Google Calendar, Trello, etc., tasks are automatically imported into one panel. The best part is that you can create tasks in a few seconds using shortcuts, click once to join meetings, and schedule tasks on the calendar using its minimal design. Basically, Akiflow gets everything to one place clutter-free for clear and organized productivity.
Markus Jenul
Marketing and Sales Playbooks from successful companies:
Nik Hazell
I found RescueTime super-useful to improve my productivity for a while. I learnt some interesting trends about when I'm most productive (i.e. I think of myself as a morning person, but it's actually when I work late into the evening that I'm least distracted). Once I'd learnt from it, I stopped using it though...
Ahmadullah Junaeid
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.