Tech Stack for your internal data tool?

Aaftaab V
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We needed an internal tool for easy addition, modification and deletion of prompts for all our mixers on Thursday. We had a centralised database structure wherein a few basic tables interacted in different ways for storing information for different mixers. I built one in Django for our team. What kind of tech stack do you recommend when you are to build about such a tool? Ps. we launched Conversations by Thursday today- would be grateful for any feedback Do check out our new conversational set of mixers ( if it interests you.


Aaftaab V
We decided to use Django for the ease of its initial setup and model–template–views architectural pattern. With templates and model forms, we did not have to use a single HTML input element separately. If you have any question I'd be happy to help.
Aleksandr V
Hi Aaftaab, For internal tools that use data and different views of data I'd recommend to look into ElasticSearch + Kibana. It's super flexible, you can run it on your internal servers. Thanks