Tech Founders, What key attributes do you look for in a Co-founder? ❓❓

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Hi everyone, I'm a tech founder...and I've just started working with an awesome co-founder. I've been through a few Startups with varying degrees of success, but I'd like to know what are the key skills you look for in a co-founder here are some of mine. I'm sure I'm still missing some and perhaps open to intangible risks as a result. Attributes: a different perspective - I'd hate to work with someone with a similar personality, I love to be challenged a skill I don't have - I may be able to sell, but I am not a sales executive. Sales and Marketing skills are not 2nd nature to me ..finally passion - Passion is something you can't quantify, you can review a track record or talk to mutual colleagues but for me passion is something I just feel from the way they speak and how accountable they are but most of all, they must be a good communicator. Communication builds trust.. I'd love to find out yours, perhaps we could build a checklist for other founders embarking on this journey


David J. Kim
The best co-founders have high energy, high intelligence, and high integrity. The first two are easy to measure quickly, but you'll need to spend a good amount of time with someone to see if they have #3.
@between_team This is almost impossible to assess for some time. I'd imagine also over a number of scenarios too.