Talking in communities is not natural for me, and for you?

Jonathan Scanzi
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I was born in 1986. We switch from the Minitel to a crypto world. What a journey! Something that has changed the most is the way we communicate. For most people, it becomes natural to talk and express their ideas online. I was always passive be passive and just consumed content. It was so hard for me to be judged. I thought the old way until I understood that the point is not to be the best writer with the best vision; writing online is about connecting with people. I'm not afraid anymore to write short things with long days of thinking. I'm experimenting with intuitive writing and just hit the publish button because it is the only way to create connections and move forward. And you, are you afraid to write?


Of course I am. But I try to be honnest and true. I mean, let's not fall in the "Linkedin / Marketing" way of writing. It sound so false.
Jonathan Scanzi
@jacquelinclem Completely agree with you. Linkedin is not the right place to write. It seems that people don't care about your ideas.
Misha Krunic
I think it's normal, at least in the beginning. It should become much easier and you should get accustomed to it once you get going. I think ProductHunt is a very good place to start with as the community here is generally very well accepting! Cheers!
Jonathan Scanzi
@price2spy @nishith_shah Thank you very much for your warm welcome and encouragement. I will definetly share more with you guys.
Hamed Baatour
just hit publish without thinking so much about it because nobody will remember what you said a few seconds after reading your content. it might seem depressing at first but on a positive note, it's liberating. I finally understood that showing up every day is much more important than what you say and how deeply you think about concepts/words. "take dictators for an example are they the smartest people to run a country? no, but they said the same thing for a long time and showed up every day until people believed them = aka getting results" as an INTJ myself, I think really deeply about everything single thing no matter how small or trivial it might seem but I quickly remember that broadcasting my thoughts is much important than going even deeper on those ideas because they will be worthless if nobody hears about them. share... share... share, what's the worst-case scenario? nada!