Switching from MS Excel (Google Sheet) to BI software experience

Greg Z
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Hi, Everybody! When you've finally realized that MS Excel or Google Sheet is not enough for business intelligence and data analytics in your startup (e.g. you started to analyze data coming from multiple sources or databases), what answers you were looking for at that time? What business or technical metrics did you track? Would you please share your experience? What solution you've ultimately chosen and why? Thanks a lot!


Nick Bess
Well, BI, when done right, provides many more analytical features, but Excel also has many useful options, and, if you are an expert in the use of Excel you can certainly use it to serve many purposes.
Emily Harris
I have been using Google Docs for ages. For me, it's the best software. I also decided to improve my skills so these free online Excel courses https://www.skillcourses.com/bes... helped me a lot. Actually, there are many great courses on that website, highly recommend saving it.