Sustainability x Business

Sebastian Gier
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Hey everyone 👋 We are a small team trying to use our skills with technology to empower businesses and individuals to become more sustainable. 🌳 We just launched this ➡️ and would love to hear everyone's feedback. It's the first version and there is more t come. ✌️ We were really driven by the fact that climate neutral orders on websites are not very transparent... as a customer I can't see where is the money going to. 🤔 So we said... the power to the customer. So the user can decide which certified climate project will be supported and provide a lot of transparency and insights about the rainforest protection projects. 🌍 Let us know what we could do better! :)


Hey there - love the idea. Biggest issue as a consumer for these types of app is the trust I have in the offset options that are usually provided. Not sure it's something you can fix but that's the challenge :) It would be great if you could link up the app with consumer based climate apps like Carbon Capture so that as a consumer we can track our climate friendly purchases too.
Sebastian Gier
@maxwellcdavis Thanks for your feedback Maxwell! I totally agree and we really try to offer as much information around project as we can. Here is an example: https://contribute.yourfootprint... If you have ideas what is missing please let us know :) In regards of the "tracking" aspect you touch on an important part. Spoiler alert: In a few weeks we will offer exactly that with our iOS and Android App. :) We have been working hard on that for months!