Survey: How do you drink your water?

Allen Tsai
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Hello fellow hunters. Looking for some feedback here. We're developing a product that upgrades your drinking water using multi-use and natural infusion pods. Think of it like a Nespresso for water. We have pods with electrolytes for Sports Hydration, Vitamin C/Zinc for Immunity, or at some point, CBD. You can see what we're building here Body builders add protein to their water, travelers add vitamin C. I am curious, do you add any drops/powders/enhancements to your water or beverages? If so, what do you add? Thanks! Allen


(1) pure H2O (3) Green Tea (3) For BB: Oatmeal, Water, Banana, Coffein, Protein. So I am quite classy besided the shake...
Allen Tsai
@robinkunz You're always classy =) Do you care about organic vs. non-organic vs. non-GMO?
Fabian Maume
On typical day: -Some pure H2O -2 batches of yerba maté -5 espresso -2 green tea I would never add additives to cold water.
Allen Tsai
@fabian_maume Nice, love yerba mate. But you don't like iced green tea?
Fabian Maume
@allen_tsai Iced tea are nice in summer time. But then I'm usually going for iced mint or jasmine tea.
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Jaskiran Kaur
I drink a lot of water , 1. in it original form , 2. adding lemon juice in it , sometime beetroot, cucumber ,etc.(Health benefits , exciting , taste) 3. Ice tea(To get fresh) 4. Green Tea(Good for digestion) 5. Boiled water with Fenugreek seeds(Good for throught) 6. In form of Kadha(cumin seeds, fennel seeds , cardamom , cinnamon) ,etc
Allen Tsai
@jaskiran_kaur Nice! Super sophisticated formulations. What are the health benefits to Kadha?
Stuti Agarwal
1. Warm Water 2. Green Tea 3. Lemon and Honey Tea 4. Matcha Tea 5. Vegetable Juice
Allen Tsai
@stuti Do you drink Matcha cold or hot?
Lauren Proctor
Wow. Love your question, @allentsaiatx. The idea of a Nespresso for water sounds awesome. (I'd love to join your email list so I know when your product is available for purchase.) Here's my liquid routine: - Wake up and drink regular water - Drink coffee - Drink more regular water - Eat lunch - Switch to flavored sparkling water to keep me energized If I'm craving something a bit sweeter, I often turn to liquid iv's hydration multiplier packs or Hal's flavored sparkling water. When it comes to diet, I'm always looking to add more B12, magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin D. Hope that's helpful.
Allen Tsai
@laurenproctor32 Super helpful! Sounds like 1) you wake your body up with good ol' water, do some intermittent fasting (ie no food until lunch), and have some infusions you take once in a while. Nice routine!
Jesse Jensen
I used to buy a brand called Concentrace: Trace Mineral Drops. I stopped buying it because I wanted a copper and boron-free version. As you can see on their product they really care about the Quality and Integrity of their product. I If your product is NSF certified that is a huge plus to me as a consumer. When it comes to Whey proteins, I look for sunflower lecithin (I prefer that over soy since harsh chemicals are required to make soy lecithin, sunflower doesn't require that process and is GMO-free). I also read if it has good digestibility, not only will I have better absorption of the protein but I help my gut at the same time. (https://www.nutraingredients-usa...). All that Mio stuff is crap. Looking at the Pani, looks cool, the only concern I would have is with the plastic holding the water if it is BPA Free? What about the high temperatures on the plastics? What is your definition of "Natural"? Why not sell pods that people can add their waters without the machine, that would be cool? That would be a good option for some of us that already have Osmosis. Hope this data helps.
Allen Tsai
@jessehojjensen Great feedback. For sure, plastic will be BPA free. The internals will have pumps/manifolds/tubes that are NSF certified for high temps. Devil is always in the details when it comes to formulations. Sign up on our newsletter we will share additional information over time!
Natalie Evanson
In my case it's always cold drinks! Cold water with ice, iced tea, iced vegetable smoothie.
Allen Tsai
@natalie_evanson Do you care about organic vs non organic vs non-GMO?
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Hey there! Your product sounds really cool! I've never really thought about adding anything to my water, but your multi-use and natural infusion pods sound like a great way to enhance the taste and nutritional value of my drinking water. As for your question, I usually don't add anything to my water, but I do like to have a cup of hot tea while I'm out hunting. Have you considered creating a 110-volt heater that can be used with your product? It could be a useful addition for those of us who like to spend time outdoors in colder weather.
Magdale Mandala
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