Suggestions for a new B2B Lead Gen and Sales blog

Vishal Srivastava
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I am launching a new B2B lead generation and sales blog. What are some of the topics you will love me to cover?


The most relevant topic is the movement without code, I would suggest that you look towards the development of mobile applications and artificial intelligence for the B2B sector
Pritam Chougale
@ruslan77 Hi I have been reading some tweets about this without code. Can you tell me what exactly it is and why so many people are discussing it right now? thanks!
@pritam91 Even the CEO of GitHub agrees that the future is for development without code. This is when a business can save thousands of dollars on developing and automating its business processes, without contacting developers. For example, it can be creating websites, creating mobile applications, CRM, etc.
Kritika Oberoi
The biggest issue I've seen with outbound lead generation is estimating intent - reaching out to people when they're interested to maximize impact. If there are ways to improve on this, that would be interesting to read about!
Vishal Srivastava
@ko25 This is a complex problem with imprecise solutions right now. The existing products are falling short but there is good progress in the last couple of years. Will definitely cover this. Thank you for the suggestion
Alex Walther
@vishal_srivastava3 Mind sharing what products those are? I wonder if social media data could be used to measure interest but it'd be good to get sense of the problem and existing "solutions".
Vishal Srivastava
@vishal_srivastava3 @alex_walther Lusha and Bombora are two I have used and found somewhat useful. DiscoverOrg has it's own intelligence tool but I did not find it effective.
Alex Walther
A clear overview of the market would be great (there are so many ways to do lead gen), as well as what's next and what the challenges are in this space.
Jessica Zech
I would love to learn about lead gen ideas that go beyond content marketing, digital ads, and everything else everyone else is doing. Looking to test some new tactics!