Subscriptions, Subscriptions, Subscription

Steffen Wendt
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Subscriptions is the new normal. With so many amazing apps and so little time ( - I would love to hear your newly discovered (or must-have "can´t live without") apps worth subscribing to. What about me? Let me start by sharing a few apps i´m thinking about subscribing to - Brain FM (love the AI generated music, the science behind it and the ability to get you in the zone when working) - Craft or Noteplan 3 (note app with the ability to connect the notes together. Super cool visuals and easy to work with. Mimics a workflow with bullet journal i love) - Ulysses (Writing app. Easy to export - looks stunning) - Readwise (To use for my kindle notes - can send to evernote (unfortunately no other notetaking apps) and tag automatically. - Mailbrew (a minimalistic newsletter that connects to your twitter, kindle app, RSS feed, quotes etc - awesome for hyper focused "news") Would love to hear something else than Netflix/Spotify/amazon prime subscriptions that we have all heard about many times etc <3
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