Streaming my Google Analytics on Twitch while #1 on Product Hunt

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Hey hunters, Launched MakerLead today, and it's #1 at the moment. I figured since this is a special moment, I'd like we share it! In the same spirit as #buildinpublic, I want to share my Google Analytics Live while MakerLead is trending. Let's play startups together :) Here's the link : Cheers, Lamine


Tanya Desai
congrats on the launch! i don't know if i've been living under a rock - but this is such a different and interesting approach to building in public :) dropping in by the stream to say hi
@tanya_desai Thanks Tanya! Yeah building in public is super fun because you get to interact with a lot of makers just like us! Glad you came by 👋
Mike Ivars
A original way to open data of a launch.. Congrats by the initiative! I like it.