Startup founders, what are your struggles while building a team?

Kushank Aggarwal
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Zack Clapp
Finding the team that I feel understands my vision.
Md. Sadek Hossain
1. Making a good team 2. Having a good cash flow so that the team can have a very nice salary structure on time. 3. Staying ahead of the competitors otherwise your hard taught team will leave to somewhere else.
Chandan Das
Non robot person and give advice for growth.
Mayank Gupta
Finding people with the same passion. And also bringing out the best from a fresher who has impostor syndrome.
Raghav Goyal
Leadership hires! Hard to find the perfect culture + leader fit
Arunav Barua Das
Finding the perfect members who have seen the same vision along with me .
This question is very close to my heart, as my journey as a founder came to halt because I did not had a team to move forward, and also when I had one they became dispassionate and wanted to do many other things along with working here.