Start-up idea

Mariia Bochkarova
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Hi Product Hunt Community! There is one start up idea, that came to my mind and i think it would be cool to launch smth like that. I would like to hear your opinion on this idea. The idea is to create an app for couples who are already dating or starting to date. The content of the App would consist of various categories and tasks to help couples both develop and make their relationship dynamic and interesting and to help them understand each other better. The App would be a collection of personal tests (like Personality Test of Myers&Briggs 16 Types ), lists of available entertainment and attractions depending on the location (exact country and city) of the users, films/books depending on a taste of the users/occasion. I can also imagine there being a calender with important dates, with opportunities to carry edits and comments, solutions to disputes, options for compromises to certain difficult quarells or situations that users (couples) would bring to the App. It would be kind of a relationship organizer ("answer to all questions") with the ability to manage. Is there any chance...smth like that could be interesting?


Jonas Schaller
Sth like that is already out there, i saw a launch like your idea a few days ago on PH