Special landing page for PH launch? Yay or nay?

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Hello everyone! I'm planning to launch something on Product Hunt soon-ish (sometime next week). I would love know your thoughts and feedback on whether one would create a dedicated landing page for Product Hunt visitors. Any pros and cons to consider?


Good question Kavya. Congratulations for the upcoming project launch. I would definitely create a landing page for the product for all online visitors. But specifically for Product Hunt visitors I don't think it's worth the effort. 1. I am guessing this LP would kind of be focused on getting the product upvoted, otherwise I don't see the sense from the short info in your question. The thing is PH doesn't encourage pushing for upvotes, because they want a neutral opinion on the product not on the makers ability of convincing people to vote. I've read this in the official launch guides. PH wants the vote on product popularity not on the launch campaign. So I actually think that a LP obviously dedicated to PH launch can work against the project. 2. For most of the projects I've upvoted I've pressed the Upvote button before actually arriving on the product page (Get It button) because I already knew about the product from a prelaunch campaign or I knew the maker very very well In short I would make a prelaunch campaign and use a well crafted LP for any online visitor. Also I would invest the saved time from multiple LPs to rally up my audience around the product I am preparing to launch. Maybe work with influencers too. Some Dev .to and Hashnode blog posts. No matter the route you choose, I believe in your work Kavya and support it. Good luck with the project
@luciantartea Thank you so much for such a detailed response Lucian! Point #2 is especially interesting; gives me perspective on how to approach this launch. It's actually a re-launch of my existing product Resumey.Pro We've added a LOT of new functionalities since the last time we launched here!
@k_j1 Resumey is an awesome project. I am following you so I think I will get the notification with the launch. But please send me the launch tweet on Twitter DM too just to make sure I don't miss it
@luciantartea Thank you so much for your support Lucian! I really appreciate it :) Sure, I will definitely let you know via Twitter DM when we launch!
I would say no need for a dedicated PH landing page, unless you want to draw attention to some special offer for PH community on the launch day. Otherwise just show off your product in all its glory 😉
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Not specifically for PH but for all social media ya!
Sebastian Britz
We are currently working with our SHIP page on PH. So that is helping us a lot with pre-launch since we are using the paid one that gets you featured on the Upcoming Products. We were also contemplating on redirecting the visitors to a dedicated landing page for Launch, but I think we will mostly stick to the home page.