Someone stole my startup name and Idea what should i do?

sulyman moyo
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Heyy PH i'm Moyo, about two months ago i launched NFT Hunt and I've seen growth but i also just realised theres another person who stole the idea and the name I have a .app he bought the .com I sent a DM But the person didn't reply me after viewing. I have a larger following than he does, I Could call him out but i'm thinking of that as a last resort What should i do?


The game is sometimes dirty @repreneur , if you didn't register the brand name (which I doubt for NFT) nor he is copying your logo our design you have no leverage over this person. The only thing that you can do is: 1/ prevent your users from confusing both sites ( add a notice or a popup). 2/ Crush him on the market
sulyman moyo
@raoufremidan Thanks for this Tried to negotiate but he Blocked me I'll just work to waw my users and make them know he's the fake one That's all i can do
@repreneur it's the best strategy, find a professional way to reach out to your users (don't complain as if you're a victim, but just warn them that this site is not yours and that they are not related to you, this should sound like warning to them)
Kartik J. 👷
Hey Moyo.. Frankly speaking. Don't worry. There are many products based on the same idea. Just focus on the Value You are proving to Your Users. An idea can be stolen but not your dedication and spirit to get the things done. Instead of chasing him, focus on your product and growth. I'll surely soon hear you inspiring other entrepreneurs and telling this story one day. Let me know if I can help you somewhere with this product to make it a better place for your users.
Scott Ashmore
@kartik_jhakal Second this. Keep the head down and stay focused on building something great. Everything else is just noise.
sulyman moyo
@kartik_jhakal I don't mind stealing the idea, It's stealing the name and blocking me that got me pissed but yeah he'll eventually get tired of copying me