Some tips for successful Product Launch?

Paco vera
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Hey, I'm launching on March 15, what will be your most important tip to avoid failure on launch. No one wants an empty landing page on day 1.Thanks for your advice in advance


Thomas Filmer
Head of Strategy & Ops at Shepherd
Make sure to reach out to your current users early on in the hunt to help gain some early traction! @francisco_chim
Sini Katariina
SaaS BDR and student
Do the video how to use the product and give some positive feedback from your old users to possible new customers :)
Private Equity // Tech
Agree with the answers here, especially in making some type of video walkthrough (using Loom) that shows your face, shows a bit of your personality, as well as the passion + excitement in your own voice that can incite it within others (while showing them the inside/backend, and maybe general comments about why you did certain things, etc) Subtle things like this really humanize it, show some 'behind the scenes' look at motivations, etc which is much better than another faceless tool (unless the product is groundbreaking in ways many have never seen)
David Mungai
Love building.
We launched our product today and are about 12 hours in. What I can say I have learnt so far is the importance of building a community on product hunt before launching. Focus on building genuine relationships with people you wish to support you when the day comes.