Software Product, Promo and Demo videos

David Ronan
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What video editing software do you use for making product demos and promo videos of software? I'm currently using iMovie, it's free with Mac, but has its limitations and can make things look a bit amateur. I'm thinking Adobe Premiere, but not sure. Camtasia looks good as well, but it's pricey. Could it just be as easy as using PowerPoint with iMovie?


Adriel Cruz
I haven't done any product/promo videos but as a designer usually we use Adobe Premiere and After Effects when editing. Adobe Premiere if you're just gonna do basic editing and if you want to add VFX/motion graphics use After Effects.
Ivan Ralic
I didn't have any previous video editing experience. Here are some videos I've created in a past few months for my new project šŸ˜„ Filmora - For product video
Figma (plus screen recording) - For feature shorts Filmora product video took me around 2 days of learning Filmora and editing a video altogether. So for me at least it was a great choice šŸ˜„ Alternatives for these two would be: āžœ DaVinci a professional and free video editing software ( āžœ Canva if you want something super easy to use
Ivan Ralic
Wow ProductHunt now has embeddable YouTube videos! šŸ˜„