Social Media- Curse or Boon ?

George Dfouni
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Social Media has not only reformed the communication industry but has also redefined the ways in which we convey and communicate. Social media web pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. A single social media post has the capability of starting or re-starting universal revolutions. t is also used as a powerful business tool. Its strength lies in the fact that it provides an opportunity and supports businesses to reach a larger purchaser base, easily engaging with present and potential consumers, establish brand loyalty, and increasing sales.


Veranika Vinichenka
I think, it's boon for people, who are able to analyse information, and curse for unconscious activity
Jaskiran Kaur
If used in a right way Social media can be boon for anyone liking information pages , knowledgeable , following right people and influencers , etc and can be a curse for people using it for bad purpose. Also many times the right person get tangled due to people using it for, of course, not good purposes and it becomes curse.