Social eCommerce— future of shopping?

Salman B
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Hey guys, I am Salman, founder of Platform- a social e-commerce platform. I need your feedback on the idea and what could be added to make it a success. The idea came from an entrepreneur pain point of launching a product into the market and enabling it to reach deep into markets at scale without spending too much on ad campaigns. The problem is, it’s a noisy online commerce world and a new product can get lost into the noise without reaching its audience. This problem not only inhibits innovation to reach to the markets but also makes it difficult for a startup founder to work on an inspired idea since no platform is available. Big brands can spend too much and create their own noise which is always heard and they rarely innovate since they believe in replicating already tested products for sales. In order to make it a success we need to build a platform where we can enlist and signup with brands, startup founders, product engineers so that we can connect them to the audience or shoppers, hence a gateway is needed where an online audience is connected just like a social network but not talking about social media here, it’s expensive and will always be. The gateway must be a smart portal connected to the audience where audience can see products sorted out for them as if a smart ai algorithm sorting it out based on likes and interests of the audience. I am looking for suggestions on what kind of portals can be created to act as a gateway or bridge between product startups and market audience. Think of it as a neural network, where input(data or product) is connected to nodes(gateway or link) and nodes are connected to the output(information or action). I will keep updating here, need your suggestions to validate the idea.


Salman B
Need community feedback to validate the idea, and suggestions on how to do it.
Mark Lense
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