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Hi everyone! I recently started my small project called "Cities to walk". My goal is to let everyone find some well planned sets of interesting activities in the town they live or visit, with a few clicks or touches of screen:) For reaching this goal I would like to create an app which would allow people to share their favourite routes in a detalized way: like where to grab the best coffee and a delicious croissant on my way from park to a small museum of modern art? How much money and time would I need? As a non-code guy with some finance and trading background I found Notion to be usefull for starting the idea verification and basic prototyping. I added my favorite route, just to illustrate the general idea behind the future app. And I need your help now: 1. Share your thoughts on this project and the best way for futher development, any feedback is welcomed! 2. Participate in this small research it will take 5-7 minutes to complete 3. If you have technical background and want to collaborate DM me here or in telegram @Iadobro Thank you!


Volatility Smile
Should probably started building new Onlyfans.....
Katya Prusakova
Love notion demo!😍 telegram link didnt work by the way:)
Chandan Das
Good one :) all the best