Small Business ideas

Jaskiran Kaur
12 replies
What are some good, small business ideas?


Al Faisal
Here are my recommendations: 1. Writing E-books 2. Make a blog site 3. Drop shipping
John Delavera
Write what you're doing everyday and send it to your newsletter's subscribers; cultivate a personal relationship, build a community. And money will come
Jaskiran Kaur
@john_delavera Thanks John, I didn't have any idea that newsletter is a good way to earn money.....that's a new thing for me.
Md. Ekram Hossan
Work as reseller. When any website offer huge discount, then buy the products which has MRP then sell it to the shop as like dealer.
Osborn Tyler
I recently decided to create a new website for my business and decided I wanted to capitalize on a popular trend - long scroll design. After carefully analyzing the proposals and discussing the budget, I chose the designer who best met my requirements and offered an adequate price for his services. We signed a contract, which clearly defined the deadlines and responsibilities of each party. Ordering long scrolling website design was an exciting and enlightening experience for me. I learned the importance of communicating with professionals, clearly expressing my needs, and participating in the creation process. This helped me get a website that reflects the uniqueness of my brand and engages visitors with its attractive design and usability.