Slide making for Product Managers

Piyush Kulkarni
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Hey Community! Please can you share the best practices and resources for slide making for Product Strategy/Slides/Roadmapping/problem-solving. Looking forward to learning from you!


It's certainly a problem and one I've recently been struggling when I've been thinking about the first launch and then subsequent releases.
Do you mean slides for presentations? If that’s what you mean, Figma has great slide templates.
Valeria Migova
Hi. is a good tool for creating mind maps. This is, rather, not about creating slides, but about visual structuring of information and demonstration of the work process. It suits perfectly for developing product strategy and problem-solving.
Tim Means
I heard a lot about the program, but I never liked it. I even downloaded this program to try it, but it's not what I need. This program does not include all the tools you need to get the job done, and that's sad. Then I continued searching and found the site, where there are slide templates for any subject. The templates themselves are completely different for different ideas and projects. It's actually very convenient. Thanks to these templates, I have already done many projects, and everything turned out to be very clear and structured. So you can safely try, there are free templates on the site.