Slack or Discord?

Dan Kulkov
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Hey, everyone. I want to build a community for HR people about remote work. Not sure, what platform to choose. Slack is common, but not really community-oriented. Discord is built for communities, but not common across HRs (hypothesis) What do you think?


Luka Vasic
Hmm, as someone who uses discord and slack daily for years, I think it's better to build it on slack. Yes, I agree that discord is great for community building, but so is slack, and as you said HRs use slack for years. So it will be much easier and more appealing for HRs to join the community through slack. And looking at the two there aren't many disadvantages of using slack>discord, they have very similar functionalities.
Brian Regan
That's a great question to ask the first members of your community. Early adopters won't care where the community is based if they are getting real value. Just start somewhere and learn from your users.
Paul VanZandt
I think Slack is more appealing from a professional setting, and that's why it wins in most workspaces. Either way it would be hard to go wrong.
Camille Landau
from my experience with both platforms, I imagine senior HR people might find them intrusive. I'd look at a more 'human' community product such as via Mighty Networks or Circle.
Paul Hart
Neither… probably. Slack is unwieldy for teams within the organisation as it is and Discord is still a gamer interface. Try to drill into your ‘HR People’ for a more targeted audience and then you’ll probably have a better idea of where they’d like to congregate… and why.
Paul Hart
@kronop A practical example I think is really smart / great niche… @jakob_knutzen1 and the team at Butter do an excellent job of building a vibrant community for the world’s meeting facilitators (with Circles). 👍
Jakob Knutzen
@kronop @snakecharmer Thanks so much for the mention! Yup, pretty amazing community we've been fortunate enough to get together - feel free to check it out at 😊
Jakob Knutzen
@snakecharmer @kronop fun story - I actually bought - just don't know what to do with it 😅
Adriel Cruz
I use Slack more on professional side like for work-related stuff. As for Discord, I use it whenever I play games with my friends but sometimes I still use it for some work/freelance stuff.
Siena Romes
Slack is better for work-related inquiries. Discord is good for communities.
Daniel Engels
I chose Slack for all work communications - even with the external freelancers.
Ng Fang Kiang
For anything work-related, I choose Slack. Discord is nice too, but it's not built for work. More for the community.
Kazimieras Melaika
I'd say slack. I feel much more comfortable there and I find it a more productive space too. Btw, we’re launching in late May. Check out our upcoming PH page: Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed habits, health, symptoms, and meds tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
Oswaldo Badillo
Hey Dan! I've found most companies use Slack, as other people mentions Discord is mostly for gaming so between both of them, Slack is the preferred choice. Have you thought about deploying a bot for Faqs in slack for the community?
Dan Kulkov
@oswaldo_badillo I am more pro-Discord. It seems like a greater fit for community & less crowded for HRs
Klaus Agnoletti
I can only recommend Discord. We're using that to build a community around CrowdSec. It seems like Discord has gained popularity outside the gaming community with many, different communities.
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
Slack! The functionality, the design, and various add on tools cover all of my work needs
Julia Shandrokha
At our company, we use both. I'm more used to Slack, but Discord is better for online meetings.
Rich Watson
I feel what makes the choice between the two is the type of community that is being built. Discord & slack are very similar but have 2 very different audiences or userbase. Our app users are typically younger and although it's finance related the majority of the userbase doesn't carry themselves in a professional business like manner, but they do take it serious. With a lot of users in the community who stumbled over Reddit's WallStreetBets I just think Discord is a more fitting platform.
Danny Hatcher 🔎
I have used both and I find Slack to be viewed as a more professional platform, I think due to bias. I personally prefer Discord due to the customization and features available with bots. It also feels more comfortable to me, less formal.