Sketch vs. Figma

Louis Min
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Which do you prefer and why?


Qudsia Ali
One of the most noticeable distinctions between the two programmes is that Figma works in-browser, whereas Sketch is a desktop software available only on Apple machines. This provides Figma a significant edge in terms of collaboration: unlike Sketch, it is widely accessible — but more on that later.
Louis Min
@qudsia_ali couldn't agree more. definitely Figma has gained quite a popularity within the community for it's compatibility across all devices.
Adriel Cruz
@qudsia_ali I agree even though I haven't tried Sketch, but Figma is a great tool as well whether I'm doing graphic or UI design
Meadow Simmons
@qudsia_ali talking about collaboration and accessibility, Lunacy ( is also great one, it's a desktop app for Mac, but as I know it should also work with Windows and Linux (will check it and return).
Dennis Isaac
I was very skeptic when a friend of mine recommended Figma (few years back) saying "it just runs in your browser". I thought It can never replace a desktop application in terms of performance and usability. I tried it once. The rest is history (sorry I uninstalled you sketch, :/ nothing personal)
Andrian Valeanu
Figma is superior in my opinion. But now that Adobe has acquired Figma, I believe designers should explore other options. There are many solutions/alternatives here Figma is a standout among web-based graphic editing programs. It is not the only player in the market, though. There are a ton of substitute solutions on the web that offer the same set of advantages and even more. There are several programs with unique characteristics that Figma does not have. For instance, Siter has native tools that enable the conversion of designs into HTML/CSS pages and hosting them on their trustworthy and secure servers, minimizing the deployment stage and enabling businesses to begin their online journey right away.