Sign in - Email or phone number

Shannon Almeida
9 replies
Hey guys! Would love to know your preferences. If a mobile app required you to sign in - would you prefer to do it via email or phone number? Just want to understand the pros and cons of each! Thanks!


Bilal Chaglani
It depends on what the application use-case. For instance an app for payments, I would prefer phone number but for an educational, social, productivity or news app I would prefer email.
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
I always prefer email. Somehow my phone number feels a lot more personal and as I have more than one email address, I can easily decide which one to use depending on importance of the product/service.
Bilal Chaglani
@gabriele_jusaityte What is your preference between FB or Google login over just email?
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
@bilal_chaglani I would say FB. For me, I associate Google with more sensitive information and FB - I don't really care that much 🤷‍♀️
Elen Udovichenko
I would prefer email. However, sign in with Google account or Apple are pretty convenient as well.
Ilia Pikulev
In my home country a service carrier can actually sell your phone number to another person meaning that every single service attached to it automatically goes to the new phone number owner. No joke! I've actually experienced that change once! But that's rather an exception I would say. So, yes, emails are better - IMHO :)
During the sign up process if I'm presented with a screen that requires my phone number and no other option then I will close out the app. If it's an email option I'm much more likely to use the app because I can use a spam account and or any of my other emails.
Tanay Gauba
I would prefer phone number as it's convenient to the user. There are other options as well to sign in like password-less and OTP-less authentication instead of FB or Google login.