Should we share our startup ideas to everyone when the idea first strikes us?

Prabhav Pandey
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After a preliminary research, I found that it is a good practice to share your ideas with as many people as you can in order to get fresh perspectives and make the idea more solid. But my concern is, say, I share my app idea to one of my Developer acquaintances, what is the guarantee that he himself will not make the app with his own team? That basically means that he stole MY idea. Agreed, that getting advice and feedback on your product before building it is important in order to see if there is a demand at all. But, in that process, how do you ensure your idea does not get stolen? And your ambitions are not at stake? In case I have not been that clear, take the movie - "The Social Network" for example; I feel, the idea of Facebook would never have hit Mark Zuckerberg had it not been for the twins telling him about Harvard Connection. Any elucidation/ clarification is welcome - Prabhav Pandey(18, India)


Anupama Panchal
I believe, you should share your idea but not with everyone. Ideas needs to be validated but the validation should be done by a probable customer, community, entrepreneurs in similar market or having same target, may be analysts, etc. The idea is to get it validated by people who understands the space or are facing the challenge themselves. There is absolutely no point in getting it validated by the wrong people. They can mislead you in either direction.
Wael Khattar
Share it with everyone, ideas are worth absolutely nothing. Execution is everything. But as @anupamapanchal mentioned, feedback should only be taken into consideration from potential customers or industry experts, but potential customers are more important. Industry experts can guide you through it in case there are obstacles that you don't know about, customers will shape your product.