Should I Release Android & iOS Apps Together Or Separate

Tobias Gray
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I'm building my first mobile app and am using so that the end result can be released to both iOS and Android. My primary phone is Android, the developer account cost is cheaper and it seems getting approved on the iOS App Store is sometimes a little less trivial compared to the Android Play Store (never done it before for either so going off word of mouth). So with the above I feel I'll be able to get ready for an Android release a little sooner than an iOS one. Should I release Android first, post it on PH (and other channels) and re-post when the iOS app is ready or is that too spammy? Or do I wait until both are ready and have one big release? I can see pros and cons for each but I want to put together the best possible launch for my app(s) so any advice, opinion or other peoples experience would be great.
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