Should I make this app ?

saheen shoukath
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I had an Idea to make an app/website for people to share their Interests. People can make a short list of their favourite movies, books, songs, etc.. and have shareable link which they can share with their friends or put it in their profile bio of their social media accounts. Should I pursue this or is this a cringe idea? should I find a better app idea :P


Nico Prananta
Seems like it's something you can make with no-code solutions, so you can avoid spending days of coding. Once you make an MVP with no-code, you can spend more time validating the ideas by sending it to your friends and families. From your brief description, it sounds like Pinterest though. I might be wrong.
Ioannis Roungeris
Yes, you can make an MVP using no-code. But for the validation of the idea you can use other testing no-code tools for example "User Testing - Marvel App" you only need to have a few mockups and create the user flow inside the marvel app keeps us updated about how the idea is going
Jonathan Massabni
Of course! You could start with books only for example and see if people find value. And then launch it here on PH for us to test. In further versions people could link their accounts like Spotify to aggregate interests.
Daniel Leal
I am not going to read your idea. Build it. Period. Use No code.