Should I listen to my gut and launch an idea with zero market research?

Osama Aamer
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Hi folks, I am a full-stack engineer and I have a dilemma on my hands. Here's the TLDR: - I see people get frustrated using a popular online marketplace because of a lack of serious buyers - I have experienced the frustration first-hand and cannot seem to get people to appreciate what I want to sell, why? - Because, the marketplace lacks a few features that *I feel* will improve the buyer/seller experience massively. The problem? - I am not the first person who has thought of these improvements, and, - The marketplace platform has a lot more people on their product team My questions: - Why are my suggested improvements something that they have not added to the platform on their own? - Why do I feel so strongly that what I have identified will improve the experience? - Just by reading comments under listings, do I have enough insight into the buyer/seller communication dynamic? - Should I spend 3 months building a version of this marketplace with the included improvements without conducting surveys and research? I will be working solo. Would love some insight and feedback on this. Peace!
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