Should fresh grad interns be paid?

Arjun Abraham
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This is a huge question especially with the job market already looking being pretty tough to crack through.
Paid minimum
According to output
Paid in 'exposure'


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Always pay every interns if you want them to grow your company.
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100% agree with @ujjwal_sukheja here. As founders we should treat interns with the same level of respect like fixed employees. I got paid in all of my internships and felt incredibly motivated and empowered. If you want to attract and keep great minds: pay them, let them have real impact, and allow them to grow.
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If they add value to your company. Then, yes.
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If you're not financially compensating them you have to be prepared to teach them things they won't learn elsewhere. And the learning has to be SUPER valuable.
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@between_team Agree with this David. 🙌 If you can, pay. If you can't, learning has to be super valuable, as you say.
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If we have people for less than 2 weeks, we just cover costs. They often wont be able to contribute much in that time, so the "exposure" seems (sort of) fair. Anything more than 2 weeks, they need to be paid a living wage IMO!
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With the scarcity of talent in today's market I would say you have to.
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Of course they should! As a hirer you want the best possible candidate right? With unpaid internships you're self selecting for people who can afford to work for free as opposed to someone who might be the best possible candidate.