Should Agile frameworks be used in the beginning of the product development?

Violetta Karpushenko
3 replies
Have you ever used any agile frameworks during starting your product? Or "first the working product, then the processes" :) Please share your experience or opinion when its time to think about proper processes for product development. Maybe you have illustrative examples when processes helped from the beginning or when they were unnecessary? Looking forward for your replies. Have a productive day!


Simon Blok
Interesting question! Depends on the project. A solo project don't need much formal processes. But determining what is needed, break it down in small pieces and work in order of priority is always a good idea! So Kanban, Scrum, etc... can help with that i think
Violetta Karpushenko
@simonblok Thank you for sharing your opinion, totally agree about work in order of priority. But I think this is rather rare occurrence - a startup where all tasks are defined and can be broken down into sprints, as required by Scrum :)
Andrew Beach
I've had success with a leaner framework to start a project (just a trello board with ideas) that we evolved into a full sprint structure over time. Changes and tools were driven by our team and needs through retrospection. Elsewhere, I've seen work stall out after radical process changes that didn't come from a real need. Whatever stage you're at, you probably have some sort of framework, maybe simple or implicit. I think the key is regularly reflecting on how your process affects your ability to build things and communicate (with customers & colleagues) and, when you recognize a need or a blocker, adding or removing structure and reevaluating.