Shopify Apps on Product Hunt? Is it worthy to launch here/what to expect

Daniil Andreev
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Hey community, I am looking for feedback and advice from people who had launched Shopify Apps on ProductHunt. No matter if it was success/failure, please share your experience: 1) How good was it? Expectations/Reality 2) What user traction did you get? Upvotes/Site visitors/Installs 3) How was conversion to paid subscription/purchase? Very excited to learn more about it! I think it could be great knowledge for those who are planning to launch soon. ------------ Sweet promo -------------: Also, if you have launched in Shopify App Store recently or doing a major update, there is a platform for free promotion of your Shopify App:


Hey buddy, not sure if you've received any responses to your above questions in the end but I'm curious to know the same answers as I'm not sure if it's worth doing a launch here for a Shopify App and what should I realistically expect... Any feedback would be much appreciated!