Sharing our fair salary calculator – feedbacks welcomed

Clément Rog
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Hey ProductHunt community, we're a small team of 35, operating in 21 countries. Each nation has specific administrative rules and tax systems, social contribution schemes and retirement benefits. So our 1-person admin team EITHER has to manage payroll in 21 different (but fair) ways OR create a blanket salary system for all. We chose the former. Get our fair salary calculator sheet here → and please send me your feedback! It did take our team close to 1 year to build, test and improve the model. It'll take you 1 second to amplify it here → Thanks a lot, looking forward to hearing from you!


Christophe Pasquier
Excited to share this to the world! Creating your grid and calculator is a massive headache, so if we can help other founders we'd love to, please ask anything!
Killer Frost
An employee's pay is determined by the number of hours or calendar days they put in throughout a pay cycle. Salary workers typically put in 260 days in a year, thus their income is determined by dividing their annual wage by 260. The employee can omit step three and apply the same calculation to determine their new daily rate if they are paid semi-monthly. Read article here:
Hello )) You are doing everything right)) Today it is very important to control your finances. In this regard, the site helped me more than once.