Share your product here to get support and feedback (August, 2021)

Ihor Shevkoplias
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Hi Makers! Post your product in this thread if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for feedback on your landing page (3) looking for someone to beta-test your product and give feedback on the product before launch I believe in giving before asking. Start by helping someone who have posted their product, help them with their question, give a suggestion, write a review or a comment on their launch page. Once you have helped someone else out, share your product link here and clearly state what kind of help you need. 😊


Benjamin Bertelsen
A question for the devs in this thread on PH πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ I'm helping out a technical founder on his no-code/low-code project. He's been working on the past year and a half. We'll soon be looking for beta-testers. //Product It's a Backend-as-a-Service, that lets you spin up a DB and server in a few clicks. Now that in itself is not revolutionary (see AppWrite, supabase, Netlify). What's on top is - a point-and-click API routing with model schemas, and - a library of functions that can serve what you need from the API So if you a frontenders, junior dev or jus working on a small project, and want to get completely rid of any backend coding, you can use this tool instead. //Demo
//Questions I'm curious (being a primarily business person, with little coding experience). - Do you see the value? - What are your main concerns? - What features would you need for it to be x10? πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Vibin Aravindakshan
@ben_bertelsen, I see a usecase for building backend quickly, to get a product page up and ready fast. People with limited backend experience, need a low code table to dump key things like subscriber contacts and maybe product update posts. Having that as a template without defining schemas at backend would be a win. Similarly, on the server side, easy validation logic for security( example input validations, maybe csrf tokens) on low code would be awesome. I recently did this using AWS backend lambdas and DDB, but these require some coding. A person with zero backend coding experience would find that daunting.
Benjamin Bertelsen
@vibin_arav Glad to hear. Noted with the easy validation logic for security. Thanks so much for your feedback πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Vladislav Podolyako
Happy to hear your feedback on my saas - We are coming live on PH soon. Folderly is an AI-based email deliverability platform for monitoring, spam testing, and maintaining your email deliverability by solving any spam issues. Our goal is to help marketers accelerate their sales by assisting them in sending emails that drive revenue.
Benjamin Bertelsen
@belkins looks neat. It's not really my area, but I checked out landing page and some input for consideration. It's all minor, but I thought I would give it anyway. Design. Certainly has the SaaS-look/marTech-look and looks professional. The graphic with the falling words seem a bit off though. A better example of the same effect I think is done quite neatly by netlify When reading and trying to understand the product. It was actually first in the next section under the catchphrase, under 'Spam filteres' where it says "Every major email service uses spam filters to.." that I really got what the product was about. It's more to the point than the 'Our goal is to..' section above.
Akinori Nakajima
Recently launched VoicePing, an all-in-one application, that provides you with voice/video calls, a workspace, and time tracking in one package β€” all of these are outright necessities in most 100% remote organizations! Do let me know if you have any feedback?
@akinori_nakajima Hey, so I just checked our your landing page, and some food for thought: I thought your main title video feels rushed. It is highlighting features... that you can barely see. So the person landing can barely see the actual functionality you are showcasing in the animation, or the listing of that specific feature. Maybe focus on making the highlight list bigger, and bolder. That will make me want to scroll further down to see exactly what you are talking about.
Mayank Shekhar Sharma
We are building a live-video platform for academic/industrial researchers and university students which provides them 1-on-1 interaction with highly qualified mentor(s)/expert(s) of their respective fields. Higher studies need extreme focus for a limited time period, and any delay in understanding the detailed work costs researchers a lot. Specifically, we provide them help in understanding research articles, counselling for future prospects, article or thesis writing, help in niche subjects, etc. Please do let us know if you have any feedback!
Benjamin Bertelsen
@mayank1507 Hey, so just a couple of strategic questions I was wondering when seeing the website/reading the description. Is the product both a marketplace and a live-video platform? Would it make sense to piggyback off the know/trusted live-video platforms out there, and focus solely on the matching-aspect? Is it intra-organizational or cross-universities that researches can apply to interact? Is there a need for an edge of some sort, some further innovation to help solve some of the challenges you list today? One product I came to think of, that may have a pendant for the academic world was this 5-min advice service Hope that helps :)
Alex Miller
Hey! Love your philosophy :) I'd be glad to find out your feedback about our no-code platform, Neuton.AI It enables users of any tech level to build accurate predictive models in several clicks, taking advantage of AI power and solving business challenges without any coding or special tech knowledge! We've launched our product today so I'd appreciate if you check out our profile and support us!
Vio Vanica
Thank you Ihor for this initiative, together with my buddy, we are building MyFocusSpace which is a virtual co-working space that will change the way we work remotely. You can find an accountability buddy to work with at any time, anywhere, on-demand.
Karl Rinderknecht
Thanks @igorua - great idea! Would love to hear feedback on WhoCo. We're in private beta at the moment but plan to do a PH launch soon. WhoCo is a hiring app that helps startups and fast growing teams run great interviews and hiring processes, helping them select the best people while giving candidates a great experience. Here's our upcoming link if you want to stay in the loop.
Ann J. Buxton
What do you do when your product isn't selling as much as expectedβ€”or it is, and you want to sell even more? krogerfeed