SEO Metrics in yours Product

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What SEO metrics and where do you track for your website? How do you monitor these things now? - Checking positions keywords - Google indexing pages - SSL certificate - Domain Registration - Problems in robots.txt - Errors in the pages of the site (meta tags, headers, etc.)


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You can identify most of these errors in the site audit report. And there are plenty of different tools available to monitor all the metrics you mentioned above. For example, You can check the indexing status from the search console, domain, SSL, robot.txt errors, and errors in meta tag through an SEO audit report, which you can get from SEO Quack, Neil Patel, etc.
Agreed. Page speed is equally important for a better UX and lowering bounce rates.
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I am using Ahref and it's great for making a revolution in your SEO marketing. Semrush and Moz are good too