SEO : How many keywords ranking do you track ?

Samuel Pigny
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Hello everyone, This is a question for SEO enthusiasts, especially for those who are tracking keywords daily positions to see their progress in Google SERPs : - How many keywords do you actually track ? - How many keywords would you like/need to track ? And if you want, please tell us what tool do you use to do so. Thank you!


The problem with tracking keyword rankings is that is too relative for 2021. Most people use Google, and Google personalizes your results since March 1st 2012! (yes, that was a twelve) Whose ranking results sets will you be tracking? Your results set?, your best friend's?, your boss'? Every single person in the planet gets a different search results page for the same query since March 1st, 2012. My suggestion is: do not waste your time. See your traffic and conversions instead.
Samuel Pigny
@simplytedel Hi Tedel and thank you for your reply. Google does not personalize the results to this extent where anyone would get totally different results. Even if you get slightly different results than your neighbor, you may still want to know what the overall positions of your keywords are. Ads, localization and personnalization may disrupt the SERPs appearance, but they don't change the fact that there still is a rank ladder. I personally still find it very useful to track my positions on Google. I find it more insightful and it makes me take more actions than to see the traffic. Ultimately, as you say, conversions is the most valuable metric. :)
Kevin Offret
@simplytedel This is a really interesting question, but I'm still a bit confused about keyword rankings. I will follow this discussion.
@samuelpigny I am afraid you are wrong. If I search for bikinis on Google, I mainly get results from Peru stores. You will not get slightly different results. I am sure you will get an absolutely different set of results. I strongly suggest you focusing on something else: traffic and conversions, is a good combo. I believe following Google SERPs are not worth the time. Perhaps Bing or DuckDuckGo rankings are more stable and worth following.
Samuel Pigny
@simplytedel These are results based on localization. SEO tools including rank trackers usually have an option for this. You can track these results based in Peru if you are a local shop in Peru. And if you are a global shop, you track the keywords globally AND in the countries, regions or cities that are strategic for your business. Anyway if you are very happy with traffic and conversions, this is great for you. :) I like to use SEO tools and automations, just each of us can have different strategies.
Valerie Borshch
Actually, I can't count how many I track :D I use different tags and pay attention to a lot of keys that describe the core of the product. Using: Ahrefs, Seobility, earlier Accuranker, and of course, making my own reports in Data studio with blended data of Console+Analytics