Self learners

Stav Charkham
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I’m looking to talk to people that learn entrepreneurial / product management skills (product, sales, marketing, etc) by themselves. I'm building a product that will help people to learn the skills needed to become an entrepreneur or a product manager. I'm looking to talk to a few self-learners (A short 15 minutes conversation about your experience learning something). Have a great day all!


Moritz Wallawitsch
Hi Stav, sounds exiting. Im currently teaching myself PM and SE while building Would be happy to call.
Stav Charkham
@moritzwallawitsch Sorry for the late response, I saw your product and it looks very cool! How can I contact you? :)
Jeremy Cleverly
Hi Stav - Happy to help if I can. I've launched, run and successfully exited a healthcare company prior to my current endeavor of HomePageApp. I'm also an attorney as well.
Stav Charkham
@jeremy_cleverly Great, thank you so much! How can I contact you?
Priscilla Owusu Mensah
Hi Stab, Good to know... I recently took a short course online on marketing in the digital... Would be happy to know more of your product
Pritam Chougale
I have learned coding and marketing my own. tell me how I can help?