Seeking the Best Strategies for Launching and Finding Product-Market Fit

David Marin
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Hello! We’re about to lunch our Saas Soon Wisdo, and we’re looking for your advice on the best strategies for launching and achieving product-market fit. We’d Love Your Insights On: - Effective Launch Strategies: Best channels, tactics, and timing tips? - User Acquisition: How did you attract your first 1,000 users? - Feedback Loops: How do you gather and use user feedback? - Market Fit Indicators: Key metrics or signs to watch for? - Community Building: Tips for building a loyal user community? Thanks in advance for your valuable input!


Mykola Holovetskyi
Leverage LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and anything that goes viral for either consumers (B2C) or business owners/professionals (B2B). Be sincere and passionate about solving the problem and leverage your networking abilities to find the right people that sees the problem that you are solving as a pain point. Attract users by being public, transparent and open about your entrepreneurial journey: sharing success stories, failures, conducting product surveys and research, asking for advice from seasoned entrepreneurs and business people, going to pitch competitions and networking events. Notion is a good platform to use for notes, surveys could be anything that is user friendly: Google Forms, Office Forms or Jotform. Make sure to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer or client: is this survey easy enough to complete? are you asking the right questions? Key metrics depends on your goals and business objectives, which contains: your revenue model, customer acquisition cost, business model, knowing the problem that you are solving and who can pay for it. A great product needs no advertisement, however you build the community by using the methodologies above: storytelling, being sincere and being everywhere asking people about their opinion on your product. Good luck!
Ankur Sharma
Congrats on your launch and best of luck! I would suggest connecting with a mentor to get insights and guidance on your strategies. You can connect 1:1 with mentors on, filter out them based on the expertise you need.